This study looks at the linkages between dams and climate change. It analyses the climate change legal regime as represented by the UN Framework Convention on Climate
Change and its Kyoto Protocol and attempts to highlight the relevance of its provisions, decisions and processes to the planning, appraisal, design, construction, operation and

The United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights (UNCHR), has been asked to take action against the construction of Kalabagh dam on the Indus river in Pakistan. Liberation, a European

Grow more trees around fields and along waterbodies to prevent desertification

The Japanese consumer appliance and electronics firm, Sanyo, said recently that a Canadian company

soil erosion due to the fast-flowing Ravi river currents has created panic among the farmers in the Makaura Ferri

Several river protection councils in Kerala have joined hands to fight the grave dangers threatening rivers in the state. Named the All Kerala River Protection Council (IKRPC), the organisation

ECOLOGICAL and environmental changes are a common cause of migration. These changes can be sudden and unpredictable like earthquakes, or gradual like desertification or land degradation. Environment

IF AN agricultural idea finds favour with farmers, you scarcely need an extension service to ensure its spread. But if it does not find favour, then you can double the size of the extension service

Across the world, the deserts are advancing, threatening the lives and livelihoods of about one billion people

At a time when agricultural topsoil continues to be eroded, researchers make efforts to put an end to the crisis