29% Drop In Hunger Worldwide But India Slips From 83 To 97 In 16 Yrs

Sixteen years after Naveen Patnaik assumed the state's reign, Odisha still portrays a story of abject poverty and deprivation.

Child malnutrition cost the Philippines $7 billion or nearly 3 per cent of its GDP in one year in terms of education spending and lost productivity, while hunger-related stunting is on the rise amo

Scientific evidence of starvation has been extracted from the teeth of people who died in the Great Famine in 19th century Ireland.

The United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef) has estimated that almost a quarter of a million children in Nigeria's Borno state, which was once controlled by the Islamic militant group Bok

Malnutrition could have added to the number of deaths in the insurgency ravaged areas of the North-east if not for the intervention of UNICEF and other international agencies.

Nigeria: 'Nearly 200 Refugees Die of Starvation' in Nigeria Camp

Starvation initiates a series of metabolic adaptations to enable continuous production and delivery of nutrients to critical organs, tissues, and cells. This response is coordinated in large part by the liver that responds by liberating glucose to the circulation initially from glycogen stores followed by de novo glucose production (i.e., gluconeogenesis). Additionally, ketones are produced and provide an alternative energy source to glucose for highly oxidative tissues such as the brain.

The government of Swaziland has spent $3 million on food for 158 000 of the 300 0000 people facing starvation due to drought, APA reports on Wednesday.Government Spokesperson in a statement issued

Over one million people in South Sudan are at risk of famine in the next three months, according to a fresh report by the UN.