Environmentalists warn that invasive species disgorged from ships' ballast tanks have put the Great Lakes near an ecological tipping point.

But rules enacted this year require all inbound ships to flush their ballast tanks with seawater, allaying most fears about more invasions of the five lakes, which collectively hold one-fifth of the world's fresh surface water.

The State Water Policy envisions that available water resources should be utilized efficiently and judiciously to meet drinking water needs and irrigation requirements in a manner that also promotes its conservation and engenders community participation. It seeks to make water everybody

The water quality data on rivers, lakes, ponds, tanks and groundwater locations being monitored under the network is evaluated against the water quality criteria and the monitoring locations in exceedence with respect to one or more parameters are identified as polluted and require action for restoration of water quality.

This report gives a brief account of the available studies on possible impacts of climate change on India

There are a large number of multi village water supply schemes (including regional schemes) in India. The prime motivation
for setting up multi village schemes is based on the desire to provide full water supply coverage to rural areas despite local water scarcity and increasing contamination of sources. In such

Acute water crisis plagues life at different parts of the Comilla municipality due to the drastic fall in the ground water level. The residents of the town alleged they had been facing acute water crisis over the past four days while the authorities so far were yet to take proper initiative to reduce the crisis. They alleged that they were receiving scanty amount of water in the pipeline of the municipality as the authorities were supplying one-third of the total amount of water they needed.

If the government is to be believed there is enough usable water in the country to meet projected demand until 2050. Stumped by this claim, scientists at iit Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia, New

Discharge of untreated sewage is single most important cause for pollution of surface & ground water since there is a large gap between generation and treatment of domestic wastewater in India. The problem is not only of adequacy of treatment capacity but also operation and maintenance of treatment plants.

Governance of Water: Institutional Alternatives and Political Economy is a timely, relevant book that makes a case for reforming water governance in India through not only re-orientating policy priorities and approaches, but also restructuring the institutional framework away from the state and village dichotomy.

The surface water quality monitoring in a catchment is one of the most important tools for water management. The western zone of Virudhunagar district in south Tamil Nadu depends upon the surface water from Pillavakkal irrigation system, comprising a number of interconnected surface tanks. The increase in agricultural products and industrial zones in this terrain results in an essential investigation of the surface water quality and soil parameter.