China has long been a smoker’s paradise: cigarettes are dirt-cheap and regulations so poorly enforced that even small children can buy them. The country is home to one in three smokers worldwide.

The Crusade Against Tobacco orgnaization also said that the current policy has failed to stop foreign tobacco firms from promoting brands using indirect channels

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Divas Matinyadze’s 47 beehives are hidden away in a dense patch of forest, along a narrow dirt path beside a small river in Mpudzi Resettlement Schem

Artemisinin-based therapies are the only effective treatment for malaria, the most devastating disease in human history. To meet the growing demand for artemisinin and make it accessible to the poorest, an inexpensive and rapidly scalable production platform is urgently needed. Here we have developed a new synthetic biology approach, combinatorial supertransformation of transplastomic recipient lines (COSTREL), and applied it to introduce the complete pathway for artemisinic acid, the precursor of artemisinin, into the high-biomass crop tobacco.

Tobacco farmers across the country destroy about 50 000 hectares of forested land to cure the crop every year, a senior Forestry Commission official has said.

The Madras High Court today issued notice to Tamil Nadu government on a petition seeking effective implementation of the law banning smoking in public places.

No tobacco day: 150 lives lost per hour in Southeast Asian countries

Beijing's smoking ban, which came into effect on June 1 last year and made it illegal to smoke indoors in public places, has curbed smoking in the capital and won widespread public support, accordi

The National Academy of Medicine has called for an increase in the minimum age of tobacco product sales. It is not clear what age increase would garner the greatest public support, or whether trust in the U.S. government predicts policy support. The data for these analyses are from a nationally representative telephone sample of U.S. adults (N=4,880) conducted from September 2014 to May 2015.

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Although it is known that acetaminophen causes oxidative injury in the liver, it is not known whether it causes oxidative stress in the respiratory tract. If so, this widely used analgesic may potentiate the adverse effects of oxidant air pollutants. The goal of this study was to determine if acetaminophen induces respiratory tract oxidative stress and/or potentiates the oxidative stress and irritant responses to an inhaled oxidant: environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

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