The former centrally planned economies

The former centrally planned economies

Munnabhai does it with flowers and a hug, the NGOs do it with an award. It

For hundreds of thousands of people in south-east Europe, the true meaning of energy security was brought home at the beginning of the year, during Russia

The objective of the periodic verification is to verify that actual monitoring systems and procedures are in compliance with the monitoring systems and procedures described in the monitoring 4th JI Verification of the project:


The European Union plans to extend strict radioactivity checks by 10 years on food imports from areas affected by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster due to continuing nuclear contamination, a document showed on Monday.

Ukrainian customs said Monday its officers had seized 250 tortoises that a passenger had tried to smuggle across the former Soviet republic's eastern border aboard a sleeper train.

This publication examines the use of index insurance to help reduce vulnerability and poverty and adapt to climate change. Experience in index insurance to-date has been limited to individual case studies, which show promise of lessening the impacts of climate shocks, and enabling investment and growth in the agriculture sector.

The European Union urged Australia on Monday to make deeper cuts to greenhouse gas emissions than it has committed to so far, saying the success of climate change talks this year depended on tougher action from rich nations.