A proposed oil plant threatens to maim and stunt Odessa's marine environment

The dismantling of the world's 3rd biggest nuclear catch to begin

THE Ukraine government has, six years after the disaster, officially admitted that between 6,000 and 8,000 people died as a direct result of the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor

17 Dec 2012

cop18The Doha climate conference stretched beyond deadline but ended in what can best be described a nail-biting finish.

As Japan's Fukushima disaster unfolds, the EU is financing a controversial nuclear

As energy markets shrink, the same tactics that the Kremlin used to build Gazprom, the giant energy company, into a fearsome economic and political power that could restore Russian influence in the world are now backfiring, slashing both its profits and its influence.

GALABOVO, Bulgaria: An energy crisis brews as potential hydropower is largely misused

While Russia and Ukraine sparred over natural gas supplies in January, leaving swathes of Eastern and Central Europe shivering in the winter chill, another energy crisis was brewing in the Balkans.

A Russia-Ukraine stand-off over gas price results in a stoppage of Russian gas supply to Europe.

Former Russian satellites in eastern Europe are hit hardest of all

TALK emptily of diversifying supplies while doing little and relying instead on cosy ties with the Russian gas business. That has been the common energy policy in much of eastern Europe in recent years. The row between Ukraine and Russia that has cut off gas to the region now makes it look a huge mistake.

a loan of us $215 million will be granted to Ukraine by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Develop