• Argentina's education ministry has kicked off a unique project called "When You Read, You Always Win'. Organised with the support of the Argentine Football Association, local football clubs,

South America's largest freshwater turtle, the Arrau, is facing extinction. To ensure survival

Venezuela is behind time

Venezuelan project aims to protect indigenous plant database

Tuna caught with purse seine nets causing dolphin deaths cannot be labelled

An indefinite strike by 7,000 public sector doctors is causing immense distress to the Venezuelan people who have already been facing the brunt of declining health care services for the last decade.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (wwf) has identified Venezuela's Canaima National Park as part of its innovative Global 200 system. Global 200 initiative aims to encourage a more holistic view of

Malaria cases in Venezuela are poised to jump by more than a third next year. Researchers studying statistics covering nearly half a century say that a steep rise in malaria cases always follows

An earthquake that struck the north-eastern coast of Venezuela on July 10 left at least 46 people

OIL exploration by foreign companies in the Orinoco river's delta has invited criticism from environmentalists and native Indians. The natives are concerned that these activities will '