Even before Europeans arrived, farmers were changing South American ecosystems with a landscaping method previously unrecognised in the region.

>> A study of Twitter has found that 40 per cent of the messages sent via it are

On July 31, Venezuelan regulators revoked the broadcast rights of 34 radio stations, deepening a rift between President Hugo Chavez

An earthquake of 4.6 magnitude shook oil-rich northwestern Venezuela on Wednesday but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, authorities said.

The quake occurred at 1525 local time (1955 GMT) southwest of the city of Punto Fijo, said Francisco Garces, head of the local seismological center Funvisis.

Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez is known for political stunts. But he has outdone himself this time. In the second week of May, Chavez launched Vergatorio: costing US $15 it

A refinery on Curacao operated by Venezuela's state oil company is damaging people's health and must cut emissions or face multi-million dollar fines, a court on the Caribbean island ruled on Thursday.

An earthquake sent residents running from their homes and shook buildings across oil exporting Venezuela's densely populated coastal region, including the capital Caracas, before dawn on Monday.

The quake was 5.3 magnitude, with the epicentre 40 km (25 miles) south of Caracas and at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles), the US Geological Survey said.

Venezuela was hit by a 4.3 magnitude earthquake, authorities said on Sunday, though there were no reports of damage or harm to the OPEC nation's oil industry.

"Fortunately we have no reports of damage. We know many people are evacuating residences, overall in Caracas, we call on them to stay calm," Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami said in an interview with state television.

Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela are closer to ensuring their citizens have the chance to break the cycle of poverty than many of their neighbours in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the World Bank

AS THE WTO mini-ministerial approaches, the news upsetting many developing countries is that the chairperson of the services negotiations, ambassador Fernando de Mateo of Mexico, has issued a report in the form of a draft services text, on July 17. Apparently, delegations were not informed nor were all members consulted, and some even accuse the Chair of lack of transparency.