The Warao communities in the Orinoco river delta of Venezuela are up in arms against transnational companies involved in oil exploration in three areas of their homelands. At a conference in

For decades, Venezuela has been a country rich in oil resources - the nation's principal treasure trough. And this major industry has always been overshadowing the country's petrochemical industry.

Venezuela has finally opened the doors of its oil fields to foreigners. For the first time since the nationalisation of its petroleum industry in 1976, the country has taken a decision to


Venezuela has yet to develop a plan to explore or exploit its uranium deposits despite comments by a government official saying it was working with Iran to locate them, Venezuela's energy minister told Reuters.

On Friday, Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz said Iran and Venezuela were working together to find uranium, and preliminary tests showed the South American country holds large deposits.

energy Nigerians want to own their oil Thousands of workers in Nigeria protested in mid-May the proposed deregulation of the oil sector. The government in February said it would deregulate the downstream oil sector, which deals with refining of crude oil for domestic consumption. It is managed by the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. The government had also

As Washington tries to rebuild its strained relationships in Latin America, China is stepping in vigorously, offering countries across the region large amounts of money while they struggle with sharply slowing economies, a plunge in commodity prices and restricted access to credit.

land compensation Tikait arrested Bhartiya Kisan Union leader Mahendra Singh Tikait was arrested in Ghaziabad on August 18. He was on his way to lend support to a farmers

Coping strategies: countries adjust to all-time-high oil prices Bangladesh increased fuel prices for the first time since April 2007. The government maintained subsidies on diesel and kerosene, used predominantly by the poor. Texan motorists, in search of cheap gas, crossed the border into Mexico, which subsidizes its fuel. Indian truckers went on strike from July 2 to 4,

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