Toronto Canada pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, saying the accord won’t help solve the climate crisis. It dealt a blow to the anti-global warming treaty, which has not been formally renounced by any other country.

Environment minister Peter Kent said Monday that Canada is invoking its legal right to withdraw and said Kyoto doesn't represent the way forward for Canada or the world.

The Canadian government gave Total SA approval on Thursday to start construction on its C$9 billion ($8.9 billion) Joslyn North oil sands project in Alberta, marking the fifth mining development in

A flagship green climate fund aimed at channelling billions of dollars to help poor countries tackle global warming has been put on ice at the Durban climate summit as a growing number of countries

Eight South American countries pledged Tuesday to boost cooperation to protect one of the planet’s largest natural reserves from deforestation and illegal trafficking in timber and minerals.

The family from a nearby village arrived at the small hospital here vomiting and with uncontrollable diarrhea, at first glance maybe a typical case of consuming bad food or water.

Britain has been blamed by environmentalists for seeking to delay attempts by the European Union to penalise oil derived from tar sands.

The musty jaguar pelts on display at a government office in Buenos Aires are a grim reminder of the big cat's precarious existence in Argentina's northern forests.

Canada and the European Union are embroiled in a dispute over a key piece of EU climate legislation which Ottawa claims discriminates against one of its key exports—crude from the oil sands of Albe

The drab and dull climate meetings in Bonn finally saw some sparks of excitement on Thursday when the grouping of small island states sparred with oil producing nations led by Saudi Arabia over the need to have a scientific evaluation done on options for restricting the global rise in temperatures to within 1.5 degree from pre-industrial levels.

Trypanosoma cruzi oral transmission is possible through food contamination by vector