CARACAS – Until recently, Julio Noguera worked at a bakery. Now he spends his evenings searching through the garbage for food.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Tuesday the creation of a ministry devoted just to mining, as the OPEC nation pushes to develop untapped mineral resources to diversify away from th

The baseball player says he got the virus during the offseason in his native Venezuela.

Regrowth of tropical secondary forests following complete or nearly complete removal of forest vegetation actively stores carbon in aboveground biomass, partially counterbalancing carbon emissions from deforestation, forest degradation, burning of fossil fuels, and other anthropogenic sources. We estimate the age and spatial extent of lowland second-growth forests in the Latin American tropics and model their potential aboveground carbon accumulation over four decades.

Shops have been operating without electricity for several hours a day because of power cuts introduced this year

SÁBANA DE GUACUCO, Venezuela—Desperate for water, construction worker Pedro Pirela and his neighbors recently laid a nighttime ambush.

MARACAIBO, Venezuela—Health authorities say Zika is spreading quickly across Colombia and Venezuela, warning that the two countries’ porous border region could be the next hot spot after Brazil for

Officials in China have confirmed the first case of a person importing the Zika virus from abroad.

A clip-on device known as the OFF! Clip-On repellent device can offer protection against mosquitoes that carry and transmit the Zika virus.

Chile health authorities on Tuesday identified the first three cases of Zika virus on the mainland but said the people were infected while travelling abroad and did not present a risk to the genera