WB report states how climate change to hit Bangladesh; warns poorest countries to be worst sufferers

Overfishing and plankton decline may have contributed to collapse of fisheries, risking dire consequences for Caribbean

To mark the 12th year of its formation, Chhattisgarh began a week-long festival, Rajyotsava, on Thursday.

New Delhi Reliance is expected to source ultra heavy crude from the Orinoco oil belt

The country’s largest private oil and gas explorer, Reliance Industries, signed a 15-year oil supply contract with Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA, in Caracas on Tuesday. Venezuela’s Orinoco oil belt is expected to supply up to 400,000 barrels of crude oil per day to India to boost energy requirements of the country. Reliance is supposed to source ultra heavy crude from the Orinoco oil belt that will also help Venezuelan state-owned petroleum company to increase production.

We coordinated biogeographical comparisons of the impacts of an exotic invasive tree in its native and non-native ranges with a congeneric comparison in the non-native range. Prosopis juliflora is taxonomically complicated and with P. pallida forms the P. juliflora complex. Thus we sampled P. juliflora in its native Venezuela, and also located two field sites in Peru, the native range of Prosopis pallida. Canopies of Prosopis juliflora, a native of the New World but an invader in many other regions, had facilitative effects on the diversity of other species in its native Venezuela, and P.

New Delhi With investors keen on acquiring land abroad for agriculture and mining, the government has taken the first step to smoothen land acquisitions in Latin American countries. Indian missions in the region have posted a handbook detailing various aspects of land acquisition on their websites.

The handbook, prepared by industry body Assocham, provides information on various land policies and laws in 10 LatAm countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Ecudor and Trinidad & Tobago. The handbook has drawn on inputs provided by Indian ministries and the data collated from various missions and embassies located here.

Environmentalists have urged PM Manmohan Singh to take lead in ocean protection - an environmental issue that has so far failed to receive focused attention during negotiations and consultations at

On May 9, the government of Alberta released a study into the extra carbon emitted by crude produced using oil sands instead of more conventional sources.

Ecuadorian plaintiffs in an environmental lawsuit against Chevron Corp.

Venezuela will put 1,500 people to work clearing up an oil spill at a river in the east of the country that has forced the authorities to close a water purification plant, the environment minister