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The p53 protein's association with tumours is probed further, leading to revelations about tumour growth

This ceramic defies convention and shrinks while it heats. Scientists are optimistic of using this property to make durable electronic circuits

Recent work in the field of differentiation puts forth new facts about DIF, a morphogen

Arsenic has been found in groundwater in seven districts of West Bengal covering an area 37,493 km having about 34 million population. Our survey indicates that 560 villages are arsenic-affected and more than a million people are drinking arsenic contaminated water and more than 200,000 people are suffering from arsenic-related diseases.

McNeil Consumer Products of Fort Washington, US, has come out with Nictrol NS, aDasal spray containing 100 mg of pure nicotine to 'wean off people &om smoking. The Food and Drug Administration

Far away from the sun but exceptionally bright, the comet Hale Bopp has baffled a lot of scientists who are struggling to explain its strange behaviour

Sea turtles have the remarkable ability to identify their geographical location in magnetic terms, and use this knowledge to move in consciously desired directions

Johnson Wax, a US based company, has come up with a microbe-based insecticide that, it claims, will be able to put off the most persistent of cockroaches. Two varieties of the microbe,

The coffee borer having developed resistance to the insecticide endosulphan, is threatening coffee plantations throughout the world

A team of British specialists in population ecology have made a breakthrough in the collection of rare data on some endangered animals by developing the technique of DNA fingerprinting