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The West Bengal

The Karna

The federal crime office of Germany is going to introduce a central DNA database for sex offenders, con

the World Health Organisation's (who) plans to eliminate seven major diseases may require more than us $7.5 billion, which the agency has budgeted. Some us officials claim

The Supreme Court has sought suggestion to improve the supply of power to the public hospitals in the Capital immediately. In this regard, it has directed the secretary or additional secretary

Pollution has turned

The venom of the Malaya pitviper Calloselasma rhodostoma , collected from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Java, shows considerable variations in its chemical composition. The pattern of variation is

several toxic chemicals in British rivers are going undetected as pollution inspectors are using ineffective monitoring techniques. A study initiated

The Supreme Court has directed the government of Andhra Pradesh not to locate new industries in the industrial estates of Patancheru, Bollarum and Jeedimetla in Medak district, The existing units are

The US military pumps over 700 million rounds of ammunition, or some 2,000 tonnes of lead into the environment every year during training. The metal pollutes the water supply and poisons the