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Johnson Wax, a US based company, has come up with a microbe-based insecticide that, it claims, will be able to put off the most persistent of cockroaches. Two varieties of the microbe,

The coffee borer having developed resistance to the insecticide endosulphan, is threatening coffee plantations throughout the world

A team of British specialists in population ecology have made a breakthrough in the collection of rare data on some endangered animals by developing the technique of DNA fingerprinting

The Mercedes Benz has developed biofilters to eliminate the bad odour emitted by metal foundries. The use of these filters shall replace the ineffective conventional method of using acid baths to scrub the stinking exhaust air

Fermilab's observations of large numbers of hard and violent collisions in an accelerator brings the revered Standard Model of particle physics under re evaluation

Sootprinitng is the eco sleuth's new weapon for identifying the source of air pollution by setting up a databank on various types of soots to help Policymakers frame stricter norms for emissions, especially for the manufacture of cars, automobile lu

The efforts of an American biologist might give science something to remember him by. Working with fruitj1ies and the CREB gene, Timothy Tully is all set to prove that long term memory can be enhanced through genetic manipulation

Scientists at the University of Texas, US, are attempting the use of electrochemical and photochemical methods to purify polluted water. Apart from being inexpensive, these methods save the user the bother of treating the purifying agents used as catalys

Analysis of the moleular orientation of spider dragline silk by CorneIl University researchers offers material science the chance to make use of this high performance fibre of nature. The silk's elasticity, strength and energy have long aroused the intere

North Americans have literally had to face some very rough weather this year After having dealt with a sweltering summer with sky rocketing temperatures, they have just rubbed shoulder with the blizzard of the century! What could be the culprit behind t