Humans are a much bigger problem than wolves for a caribou herd in the oil sands area of Alberta, Canada, scientists reported last week in Frontiers in Ecology.

Studies of scat of moose, caribou and wolves in the area showed that caribou accounted for only 10 percent of the animals consumed by wolves. Eighty percent of the wolves

The state of Idaho has authorized sheriff's deputies in a tiny mountain town to kill wolves blamed for preying on pets and elk, a spokesman for the state fish and game department said on Tuesday.

The move marks the second of two wolf kills sanctioned by Idaho less than two weeks after federal protections were lifted from most wolves in the Northern Rockies and states, including Idaho and Montan

Wolves and grizzly bears are mostly to blame for a steep population decline in a signature elk herd in the northern range of Yellowstone National Park, government scientists said on Wednesday.

The elk population in the northern section of the park is prized by sportsmen who hunt outside Yellowstone boundaries in Montana and by the millions who pour into the park each year to see wildlife.


A hundred years ago, humans almost exterminated all large mammals in Norway. Government protection has since ensured the overwhelming return of species, only to result in a newer problem: CONFLICT.

Tirupati/Kadiri, Sept. 8: A rabies-infected wolf on Wednesday created havoc in seven villages for about nine hours in Chittoor district, biting and scratching at least 40 people before angry villagers stoned the animal to death.

Wildlife enthusiasts in Bellary are worried at the sighting of an increasing number of Indian grey wolves found with their left fore leg limping, which they suspect could be due to some dreaded disease.

Experts split on possible cause for limping wolves.

Packs are making a comeback. That

More than 4,000 gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region are going back on the federal endangered species list, at least temporarily. The Fish and Wildlife Service said it had erred by ending federal protection for wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin without having a public comment period.

evolution Wolves from dogs Human beings can enrich biodiversity without doing much. Take raising dogs as pets, for example. A study says dogs have helped in the evolution of black colour in wolves. This bodes well for wolves inhabiting fast depleting snow-covered northern environments like the Arctic tundra. While hunting, the dark colour helps them merge with surroundings. Using

The U.S. agency that removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list in March has changed its mind and is asking a federal judge to void the decision.