Volvo will this week launch its new 7900 Electric Hybrid range of buses to help European cities slash public transport fuel emissions and reduce air pollution.

California Governor Jerry Brown has a moonshot goal for the world’s eighth-largest economy as he seeks to lead the global fight against climate change: 1.5 million zero-emission cars on state roads

Gov. Jerry Brown OKs financial incentives and perks to entire consumers to buy eco-friendly vehicles

Sixty percent of Americans now live in regions where electric vehicles (EVs) produce fewer heat-trapping global warming emissions per mile than the most efficient hybrids, according to an updated a

China has introduced tax breaks on sales of electric cars, in an attempt to reduce pollution in the world's most populous country.

China announced on Friday additional policy support for electric car purchases, offering tax breaks predominantly for cars made by Chinese automakers.

Specially designed electric buses will be able to wirelessly charge their batteries while they wait at bus stands under new trials announced today (27 August) by Transport for London (TfL).

London-based businesses will be able to expand their use of cleaner vans and light lorries throughout the capital under new plans to identify potential locations for electric vehicle infrastructure

China is considering providing as much as 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) in government funding to build electric-vehicle charging facilities and spur demand for clean cars, according to two people

TEHRAN- Iran plans to place 400,000 electric motorcycles and 140,000 hybrid taxi cabs on the market as part of a plan backed by the Oil Ministry to help environment protection, said the managing di