Around 320,000 new electric vehicles were registered around the world in 2014, accounting for 43% of all electric vehicles currently on the road.

A study in this week’s Scientific Report by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) and in China add more fuel to the already hot debate about whether electric vehicles are more environmenta

The Government has demonstrated its commitment to ultra-low emission vehicles by announcing £65m of funding through two schemes.

Two separate reports released today (9 March) have shed light on the expected upsurge in electric vehicle (EV) demand, and the multitude of benefits that this market growth will bring to the UK's e

Massive switch to electric cars could save drivers £1,000 a year on fuel costs, if infrastructure is built to support the vehicles

Britain said it would invest 43 million pounds ($67 million) to support ultra-low-emission vehicles (ULEV), providing more car charge-points in its towns and cities and helping fund research into e

DETROIT – Honda Motor Co. will invest $340 million to build fuel-efficient gasoline engines in Ohio as it plans a slate of new electric cars in a push for more vehicles with lower emissions.

China will extend subsidies for new energy "green" vehicles to 2020, according to draft rules published on Tuesday, extending the current incentive scheme which expires at the end of 2015.

Scientists may have found a way to make electric vehicles lighter, more powerful and more efficient.

Electric cars, hybrids and other alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs) are increasingly grabbing market share from traditional petrol and diesel models, new industry figures reveal.