China’s policymakers are working on a new initiative for spurring the usage of green vehicles, taking their cue from measures previously launched in the state of California.

A long-simmering dispute between automakers and U.S.

Go-Ahead London has contracted BYD Company + Alexander Dennis Limited to provide 51 emissions-free, all-electric buses as part of a £19 million deal between the groups, according to a recent press

Hong Kong commuters can expect to ride more on electric buses from later this year.

Electric cars have much going for them - including superior acceleration and lower fuel and maintenance costs than petrol-powered rivals - but restricted model choice and incoherent government pol

Buses that neither belch pollution nor draw on coal power are starting to appear on city streets with the support of Silicon Valley and a company backed by Warren Buffett.

China is preparing a new scheme to encourage automakers and consumers to use electric and hybrid vehicles, learning lessons from California's efforts to promote a similar switch, the head of a majo

Solar-powered cars have come a step closer after scientists discovered a way to create compact fuel cells that use the power of the sun to generate hydrogen.

A new report from the London Assembly Environment Committee has warned Boris Johnson that he needs to accelerate his air quality programs to comply with EU and UK laws.

CHINESE automakers produced more than 25,000 new-energy vehicles in June, four times as many as they did in the same month of last year, as the government promotes use of less polluting vehicles, n