A California lawmaker on Thursday said she will withdraw a bill that would have required 15 percent of new car sales be zero emission vehicles by 2025 due to opposition from automakers, the oil ind

The study, published in Nature Energy, show fears over electric car batteries running out, known as range anxiety, could be misplaced for all but the longest days of driving.

By 2026, the global adoption of a low-carbon economy will have taken huge strides, with smart city revenues and energy storage deployment skyrocketing, and the number of low-carbon heavy-duty vehic

The global shift towards low-carbon, circular economy has started and its pace is accelerating. To ensure Europe stays competitive and will be able to respond to the increasing mobility needs of people and goods, the Commission's low-emission mobility strategy sets clear and fair guiding principles to Member States to prepare for the future.

Audi will aim for electric cars to account for a quarter of its sales by 2025 as part of a strategic overhaul following the emissions scandal at parent Volkswagen, company sources said, in a move t

Cars built before 1997 will face severe restrictions on when they can be driven within the city walls

French firm Bollore Group won an electric car-sharing project in Singapore, its first in Asia, with a fleet of 1,000 vehicles expected to operate in the densely-populated city-state by 2020, govern

Over the next five to ten years, passenger vehicle manufacturers will be confronted with regulatory pressure and material penalties as gains in fuel economy fall behind the required rates of improvement set to address environmental preservation and climate change mitigation.

Beijing plans to deploy another 6,000 electric cars for government use this year amid the city's efforts to curb air pollution.

Last summer, the Mayor of London proudly unveiled plans to test a fleet of double-decker electric buses to ply the tourist-friendly Route 16, and things must have gone swimmingly because just last