In the present investigation, impact of different tillage options on wheat yield has been evaluated for various locations of IGP region. In general, more increase in wheat yield was observed was observed in zero tillage when compared with conventional tillage.

An investigation was conducted to evaluate the changes in soil quality over time under different systems of nutrient application in the erosion prone soils of rainfed areas of kandi belt of Jammu. The soils had been under three nutrient management systems, viz., nutrient application through inorganic, organic and integrated (organic+inorganic) sources for the last eight years.

This study by PIF and NCAER puts together evidences on implementation of NREGA and its achievements so far. Says that the scheme has worked well but the level of satisfaction has been only 50 percent and suggests that it should be implemented as a state scheme mandated under a Central Act.

One reason for the increase in world food prices is that of food consumption, especially in developing countries. Another is the demand for cereals and food crops to produce biofuels. Which is the more dominant factor that can explain this surge?

Bhopal gets promised a long awaited Rsl,503 crore

For some, the figure of Rsl,503 crore may appear a bounty. But lakhs of people in Bhopal have been waiting anxiously for several years to get this money, and it's rightfully theirs for the taking. A Supreme Court diktat that would enable them to get the money had been eluding them.