People in southern Orissa fighting against mining in the Niyamgiri hills have got a respite

addition of natural compounds to tablets may aid in their dissolving faster. Mucilage from seeds of a tulsi variety, Ocimum americanum , can substitute synthetic disintegrants such as lactose,

transfusion of stored blood is unsafe. It not only carries infections, but also invites serious problems such as heart attack. The process of extracting blood from a donor and storing it before

more rice varieties will soon wear the basmati tag in India. The draft definition of basmati by the Union government has sparked a debate over whether new and evolved varieties should be allowed in

de-nocil, an India subsidiary of Dow Chemicals, is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (cbi) for its role in bribing Indian officials at the Union ministry of agriculture to get

Mizoram has recently sought central aid to check the fallout of an increasing rodent population in the state. The state disaster management and rehabilitation department (dmrd) recently submitted a


the report of the Technical Expert Group headed by R A Mashelkar, set up to report on aspects of the patent law in the context of the international regime of intellectual property rights, has been

Now it is the turn of the Rajasthan government to be bowled over by biofuel. At a press meet in Jaipur on January 11, 2007, parliamentary affairs minister Rajendra Rathore relayed the decision of the