during the 2007 outbreak in Kerala, the chikungunya virus mutated into more virulent forms, says a study by researchers at the Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior. The mutations,

Arunahcal Pradesh is awarding hydroelectric projects to private companies at the breakneck speed of one every nine days without proper scrutiny. A report by Arnab Pratim Dutta Once you reach Lower Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, you know you have stepped into the shadowy side of "shining" India -the cell phone stops catching signals, the roads are worn out and the electricity supply, erratic. If you drive 40 km out of its district headquarters Roing to Nizam Ghat and then trek for three hours in Mishmi hills, you will reach Pather Camp, a nowhere destination in absolute wilderness.

the pleas of the 50 survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, who reached Delhi on March 28, are far from being heard. Travelling over 800 km on foot, they came to the capital to remind the prime

"Help save rhinos,' a poster appealed. A photograph of a severely-bloodied rhino loomed out of it. We were at Jakhalbanda, a regular halt for buses taking visitors to the Kaziranga National Park. It

Every month six aircraft are added to the Indian airspace. In 2006-07, 60 million people travelled by air in the country

that was a diplomatic googly which was suitably timed. In an interview to The Guardian on January 19, 2008, the uk's environment secretary Phil Woolas made a point on India's intransigence on

scientists at Montana University, usa, have developed an alarm system to monitor the bee buzz to track airborne toxins and contaminants. Bees make sounds at different frequencies depending

reemergence of the chikungunya virus in India in 2005

Doctors in 12 states went on strike in the first week of December protesting mandatory rural posting. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare came up with the proposal in July. A

after nine hours of debate on the India- usa nuclear deal in the Rajya Sabha, the position of the Left and the opposition parties remained the same. They made it clear that their stand had not