To boost public transport, Centre will help cities buy buses About 15,000 new buses are in the pipeline for 63 cities in the country. The Central urban development ministry launched a new scheme on January 12 to assist states and transport units buy buses for public transport under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (jnnurm), which covers the 63 cities. States that have plans

A festival helped a small town in Punjab discover car-free mobility Fazilka is a small, 162 year-old town on the India-Pakistan border in Ferozepur district. Its unkempt, garbage-strewn congested streets with small, bustling shops are nothing out of the ordinary. But this town of about 68,000 people

The heavy metal can be fingerprinted to find its source THE global emission of mercury

an expert committee of the Indian union ministry of environment and forest decided not to recommend the construction of rock structures designed to reclaim Puducherry's beaches from the sea. The committee has deferred its consent till there are proper studies on these structures-called groynes in engineering parlance.

on july 31, an expert committee of the union ministry of environment and forest decided not to recommend the construction of rock structures designed to reclaim Puducherry

a tailing pipe carrying uranium waste from the Uranium Corporation of India Limited

A proposed observatory in Nilgiri forests threatens to disturb wildlife movement In early 2000, a team of scientists gathered at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkata and decided to revive research on neutrinos, tiny elemental particles that can pass through almost all matter unhindered. A flurry of meetings followed culminating in a project called India-based Neutrino

Mobile phone industry thwarts radiation guidelines India has adopted the limits on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and base stations set by the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (icnirp), but still not adopted guidelines for regulation. According to an official in the Department of Telecommunications, the delay is because the telecom industry

ravi aggarwal, director of ngo Toxic Links, has recently been conferred the who/ifcs (Chemical Safety) Special Recognition Award. He talks to arnab pratim dutta on different aspects of chemical regulation india: There is a hazardous waste law and a hazardous chemical law. But these don

the Great Andamanese tribe speaks a language that no one else in the world does. A study suggests it could be among the few paleolithic languages that exist in the world and may constitute the sixth