A growing body of evidence suggests that approaches to address the risk of leakage have not performed as intended, however, causing regulatory capture, perverse incentives, and windfall profits.

The relationship between trade policy and climate policy needs to improve in the future, in particular with a view towards implementing the Paris Agreement.

The meeting to draw up a climate change regime for 2020 and beyond in Paris later this year will, as usual, be fraught with overwhelming complexity. Will "climate clubs" be able to offer room for making greater efforts in smaller groups?

Against the backdrop of the enhanced importance of technology transfer in the context of the ongoing climate change negotiations, the potential of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as a vehicle for technology transfer has been underscored.

Among the issues that have fuelled the debates on the climate- trade interface in the run-up to Copenhagen, perhaps the most contested one is the proposed use by developed countries of border measures on imports from countries not implementing comparable GHG emissions reduction policies on the grounds of addressing the risk of what has been coined as