Neighbourhood networks nurse the chronically ill in their homes K M Basheer

Traffic through Nagarhole View image Karnataka

Kerala to amend groundwater act KERALA is planning to amend legislation to check extraction of its overexploited groundwater. Five of the 50 blocks in the state are over-extracted, 15 critical and 30 semi-critical, according to a 2004 survey by the Central Ground Water Board and the state ground water department. A sub-committee of the state Ground Water Authority, which



coconut farmers in Kerala have got tentative relief with the Kerala High Court lifting its stay on a ban on palm oil import through Kochi port. On November 20, the court said no consignment of palm

Climate change to aggravate Kochi s problems

Going thirsty in the Kerala backwaters

on april 18, 2007, the Kerala government gave

a people's Right Declaration Convention held on September 17, 2006, at Eloor