It s time something was done about the lack of Braille texts in India

Even as India is trying to build a firewall to block out the bird flu virus, the first likely case of the deadly pathogen s human to human transmission has surfaced in Vietnam. Two siblings in Hanoi are suspected to have contracted the disease from their

despite its genome sequenced three years ago, the cholera bacterium continues to dodge all efforts aimed at combating its menace. Now, scientists from the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research, Bangladesh icddr,b , have found out how Vibr

indian scientists have discovered a novel microorganism in salty marshlands, which has the potential to absorb nitrogen an essential plant nutrient from the atmosphere and make it available to crops. In addition, the microbe can help plants extract ph

The world s powers celebrated Christmas 2003 in style: they sent robotic geologists to the red planet Mars, Earth s uninviting and hostile neighbour. Two major space faring powers, the European Union and the US, extended their race for space supremacy to

Thirty years after they were abandoned for good, nuclear reactors are making a fatal comeback in the US spacecrafts. In 2003, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA was notified about a federal commitment of US $3 billion to develop n

The 91st Indian Science Congress was old wine in a tainted bottle

New method to forecast monsoon early

Debris flow is a natural occurence. Environment friendly town planning can reduce its impact on human settlements

Cloud seeding is a safe but improbable method to enhance rains