Ironically, the upgrade involves a technology that is being discarded worldwide due to its poor safety record and complicated processes

Stiff US law ruffles Indian marine food sector

Mosquito coils are finally in the dock, after a prolonged deference. Two independent studies indicate that coils commonly used in Asian countries, including India, can be disastrous for human health

New Technology will help save foreign exchange

Another theory has implicated a commonly used veterinary medicine for the large scale disappearance of vultures from the Indian sub continent. The theory proposed by Lindsay Oaks of the Washington State University, usa, however, raises more questions than

Meet the only Indian scientist to have visited the South Pole

poultry farms across north India are facing a mysterious viral disease. As many as two million birds have fallen prey to the illness and the economic loss has already mounted to more than Rs 60 crore. Even as the authorities final diagnosis is long overd

An agricultural scientist discovers why some rotis are tastier than others

Archaeology is the science that studies the remains of past cultures by investigating and analysing the objects people leave behind. It is a serious attempt to record and understand the past. As an area of study, it demands much from other science and soc

The rising trend of murky days in recent years has failed to spur the Indian Meterological Department into action. Quite clearly, the need of the hour is to embark on a major programme to demystify the fog