In today s information world, bits of data are processed by semiconductor chips, but stored in magnetic disc drives. Limitations of this technology have made the world of electronics anxiously wait for a device that can transmit as well as store informati

A conference for the common good the mainstream media ignored

With the southeastern parts of Bangladesh experiencing a number of mild to moderate tremors since July 27, it is feared that a major earthquake is set to rock the region in the near future

Have Indian meteorologists at last found their role model ? After getting a lot of flak from politicians and the public for last year s erroneous prediction of rainfall, the New Delhi based India Meteorological Department has revamped its monsoon forecas

the seeds of a novel programme to reduce the rice-wheat predominance in Punjab's cropping pattern have been planted. The state recently launched a multi-crop, multi-year contract farming programme.

In overhauling the wildlife act, MEF could ride roughshod over people s rights

India dithers on cleaner coal technologies. But it has the technology to help the thermal power sector clean up its act