LAHORE: The Punjab Disaster Management Authority has set up a state-of-the-art Humanitarian Resource Facility in the provincial capital to help more than 100,000 victims during any natural disaster

KARACHI: About one third of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis (TB) bacteria. Only a small proportion of those infected will become sick with TB.

ISLAMABAD: Health experts on Sunday said that larger pictorial labels are more effective in informing about the dangers of smoking.

ISLAMABAD: Medical practitioners have said that every year over 80,000 Pakistanis get different heart diseases and after every two minutes a countryman suffers from heart attack.

LAHORE: Pakistanis spent an estimated $2.3 billion a year on everything from candles, to kerosene lamps, to battery-powered torches.

ISLAMABAD: Global Climate Risk Index-2015 said that five out of top 10 countries most affected by climate change-induced disasters during 1994-2013 are located in Asia Pacific.

LAHORE: Through a successful operation against land grabbers in Rajanpur District, 8,896 acres of land of the Forest Department and 6,916 acres state land has been retrieved in Rajanpur District.

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan is far ahead of India in improving access to water, sanitation and in eroding inequalities for its citizens, according to a US university study.

KARACHI: Approximately 60 percent women and children are suffering from iron deficiency in Karachi suburbs due to poverty and low quality food, said Medical Superintendent, Sindh Government Hospita

ISLAMABAD - Visiting Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Wednesday announced a $19 million aid package for Pakistan that includes help for border areas hit by conflict and natural disasters