The skyman announce that it would strike the Kerala coast on June 7 (plus or minus four days).

The over 50 representations made orally and on paper included people’s complaint that they were not compensated adequately.

Only 52% of packaged foods had data on sugar, total fat etc.

The highest of 90 deaths reported from the worst drought affected Nalgonda district followed by Mahabubnagar with 44.

As per WHO, BMI below 18.5 is considered underweight and less than 16 is in 'severe thinness' category.

Hyderabad too loses underground water, shows state data.

Temperatures ranged between 43-46ºC in these districts with Ramagundam recording the highest.

According to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) heatwave conditions prevailed in many parts of Khammam and Karimnagar districts.

The researchers rated the wards in five categories from “bad” to “very good”.

Improper land use pattern of master plan of Hyderabad are reasons why environmental quality has degraded so much, says environmentalist.