Correcting The Skew...

Among suggestions made for checking prenatal sex determination are:

Police presence outside suspect ultrasound clinics and hospitals
An online complaint forum to allow people to inform on erring clinics
Mapping of districts, identification of problem regions and analysis of data to determine causative factors
Tracking sex ratio through data collectio

Burning Not So Bright

The tiger population at the Kanha national park has come down from 89 to 60 between 2006 and 2010.
Experts fear that Kanha may go the way of the Panna national park, which has lost all its tigers
Poaching and a shrinking habitat are the two key problem areas in Kanha
State government blames the drop on faulty census methods, not on their lack of foresi


A large programme to record adverse effects of drugs brings hopeOn Guard...

Many Indians report reactions to drugs every year

15 deaths in three weeks damn Jodhpur

Irrigation is anything but accelerated under AIBPNo Water, No Cry

The scheme and the scam

Rs 45000 cr Allocated for 283 canal projects under Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme since 1996-97

90% Projects delayed, leading to cost and time overruns
2-8 years Delay due to poor monitoring
28-916% Cost overrun due to delays

1250000 hectares Ultimate irrigation potential

A thermal plant threatens a rich wetlandWhere The Muck Is

The coal-fired ECEPL power project is a grave threat to one of the few coastal swamps in eastern India
Just 5 km from Telineelapuram bird sanctuary.

A seasoned politician, equally at ease with economic and political matters of state, Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has sent out feelgood signals while charting an opaque course of action in a zero-sum budget. The politics is easily explained: four states are set to go to polls within three months.


Wildlife officials have set up diclofenac-safe