Pleas for divine intervention sound ludicrous when mouthed by technical experts appearing on television debates.

Ever since Anna Hazare’s call for a strong Lokpal bill reached fever-pitch in autumn, and the government bought time with ostensibly conciliatory moves, everyone had been waiting for ‘the due proce

What Short-acting barbiturate used as an anaesthetic. First of a standard three-drug protocol used in the United States to execute prisoners sentenced to death.

The Project
Location: Koodankulam is located in Tirunelveli district, on Tamil Nadu’s southern tip
Number of reactors in Phase 1: Two reactors, of 1,000 MW each

Is India doing marvellously well, or is it failing terribly? Depending on whom you speak to, you could pick up either of those answers with some frequency.

Jayalalitha knows her state needs power, but spars with the UPA over the N-plant
Pushpa Iyengar

The Quick Switch...

A 20-ft-wide nallah (drain) divides the villages of Shahberi in Noida Extension and Dundahera in Ghaziabad.

As many as 46 per cent of the malnourished children of the world—of whom at least 75,000 die every month—are in India.

The census of India’s poor began on June 29 in Tripura, in the Northeast, with a methodology Jairam Ramesh, who was made Union rural development minister in the recent reshuffle, didn’t get a chanc

Earlier this year, sustained protests brought nationwide attention to the 2,640 MW thermal power plant proposed on precious wetlands in Sompeta in the coastal district of Srikakulam.