After the fourth attempt, NASA successfully launched a super pressure balloon from Wanaka airport in New Zealand. Its mission is to perform near-space scientific investigations.

The Royal Dutch Shell Company has leaked about 2,100 barrels of oil that involved about 88,200 gallons of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico last week.

Earth has dealt with a very hot temperature, something which cannot seem to end.

The Great Barrier Reef is currently under siege from coal and climate change.

Humans can look to the past to predict future changes in climate, according to a recent report.

According to a recent report by NASA, space can offer a tantalizing solution to monitor global air pollution and its effects in the future.

Recycling has always been found helpful against global warming.

Scientists from the United States and Brazil discovered a massive coral reef in the muddy waters at the mouth of the Amazon River. The new coral reef stretches for about 600 miles.

In the last hundred years, tiger populations across the world have decreased; from a 60,000 population, only 3,200 were left in the wild by 2010.

An alteration in the way humans farm and manage soils can save the earth from overheating, according to a new report.