Global climate models today signify that 50 percent of small islands will become drier and the other 50 percent wetter by mid-century.

A new study reveals that consuming more fast food may also add extra harmful chemicals to your diet. This is because fast food has chemicals like phthalates which are found to be toxic.

Scientists have recently discovered three species of mouse lemurs in Madagascar.

NASA data reveal that clouds won't slow the warming of the Earth as opposed to what was believed in the past, according to researchers.

Beautiful, healthy environments are more than just eye candy -- in fact according to a report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund, healthy environments boost local economies.

A coalition of health and ecological support groups tried 192 cans randomly from numerous retailers in Canada and over 19 American states and found that almost 70 percent contained the Bisphenol-A

A volcano in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands erupted on Sunday afternoon, sending ashes to 20,000 feet in the air. The U.S.

The European Commission's Joint Research Center recently conducted a study that examined records of man-made carbon dioxide and methane emissions from the last 150 years, and confirmed that these e

El Niño may be causing the spread of the dengue virus. Scientists have found that this climate phenomenon has a significant role when it comes to the outbreak of haemorrhagic fevers.

Scientists can now make better predictions on the impact of future climate change with the help of maps covering the world's natural landscapes, according to a study.