Melting ice sheets in Antarctica caused by ocean warming could potentially increase global sea levels by three meters.

There may be a global change that's causing increasing disruption-and that change is pharmaceuticals.

A clip-on device known as the OFF! Clip-On repellent device can offer protection against mosquitoes that carry and transmit the Zika virus.

Droughts may be getting worse in the United States, and may impact our forests and rangelands. The U.S.

The world has finally accepted clean energy! That is, according to Professor Catherine Mitchell from the University of Exeter's Energy Policy Group.

Although there are some companies that advertise "BPA-free" products, these items may actually not be safer.

We've all heard that the phases of the moon influence rainfall.

A Japanese company has a new way to grow vegetables. Kyoto-based Spread, a vegetable production company, announced that it will open the world's first robot run farm, according to a news release.

Climate change may cause forests to have a makeover.

When it comes to pest control, farmers have far more influence than you might think.