Rio Olympics 2016 athletes and spectators face a deadly antibiotic-resistant super bacteria threat as algae takes over the waters.

California's Lake Tahoe is getting warmer by about 15 times its historic average because of global climate change, according to scientists. This could alter the lake's ecology.

This breakthrough from the University of Illinois at Chicago seems to be an artificial leaf that demonstrates the process of photosynthesis wherein plants use sunlight and carbon dioxide to create

The fast negative progress of global warming cannot be saved by all tress, as there are those 'unhealthy' ones that contribute damages too.

The global climate change is impacting the fish populations and communities and changing the freshwater ecosystems in North America and Canada, according to four new studies.

The Boreal forest fires in Canada that began in early May are still ravaging the woods. These can affect the global climate, according to NASA study and Forrest Hall.

Florida has declared a state of emergency due to the blue-green algae outbreak on the Florida coastline.

Dried sewage sludge could be recycled by adding it to cement to make concrete, researchers in Malaysia have discovered.

According to scientists, the kind of pesticide, neonicotinoids, used in farms may actually harm the honeybee population.

Researchers discovered that fossil fuel combustion, carbon dioxide and associated air pollution are the root causes of much of the ill health of children today.