Researchers found that coral reefs are becoming more vulnerable due to coastal development than previously predicted, according to a study at the University of Florida.

Scientists have discovered that a vast river network was occupied the sands of the western Sahara desert.

Ships may need to slow down, a new study suggests.

When you think of wild animals, you usually think of the country or woodlands far away from human civilization.

It turns out that global plant growth is not keeping up with the amount of atmospheric CO2 being released in the air.

Greenland's glaciers may be retreating far more quickly than expected.

What did African wildlife look like 1,000 years ago? That's exactly what scientists are finding out in a bid to better understand how they have shaped the world we live in.

New research on chickadee species has revealed that southern bird species may be moving far more north than expected. This has important implications as temperatures continue to rise over time.

One in 10 people across the globe get sick each year because of contaminated food, according to a new report from the World Health Organization (WHO).

A new vaccine strategy may help better protect cancer patients against the flu, according to new research.