Shanghai: Authorities in eastern China have said they will release 20 million algae-eating fish into one of the nation

British scientists have drawn up plans to build the world

Cabinet Split On Fertilizer Price Fears

In a first step towards reining in a spiralling fertilizer subsidy bill that crossed Rs 100,000 crore in 2008-09, the cabinet bit the bullet on Thursday and decided to de-control prices of all fertilizers other than urea while fixing subsidy on these based on their nutrient content from April 1, 2010.

The impact of the recommendations of the expert group on pricing of petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG on the poor and on the price level should be no more than that of present policy and most likely smaller over time. The group has recommended freeing petrol and diesel prices and some increases in prices of kerosene and LPG.

New Delhi: Chances of an immediate increase in fuel prices receded with oil minister Murli Deora and FM Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday failing to work out a way to skirt opposition from within the UPA and agree on a solution to prevent state-run oilmarketing companies from going bankrupt if pump prices are to be kept artificially low.

Jairam Ramesh, the Union minister for environment and forests, has agreed to put Bt brinjal on hold. I believe this is the right and only decision that he could have taken.

Gurgaon Discom Officials

New Delhi: The oil ministry will make a strong pitch to unshackle petrol prices from government control and introduce a differential pricing mechanism, along with a small price increase of Re 1 a litre for diesel, when the Cabinet meets on Thursday.

In case it goes through, the proposal for deregulation will mean a jump of Rs 4.71 in the price of a litre of petrol.

A recent news story on the just-released Kirit Parikh committee report on pricing of petroleum products had a headline suggesting that

New Model Will Help The Producers Sell Electricity To Most