Tanzania, with potential reserves of 5 billion tons of coal, is planning its first coal-fired power plant.

President Trump this week will sign an executive order to begin unraveling the Clean Power Plan, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said Sunday, the first step in the lengthy process of dismantling the

A federal judge said Tuesday he will decide by March 7 on a request to block the Dakota Access pipeline in what may be the tribes’ last chance to derail the nearly completed project before it begin

The greater metropolitan Washington area’s water supply could face “considerable stress” by 2035, requiring mandatory water-use restrictions, if the region were to experience a drought, according t

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Utah residents buying a new water heater will soon be required to pay more for one that emits less nitrogen oxide due to a new rule designed to reduce wintertime pollution.

The Obama administration said Monday it will dramatically limit the flushing of pharmaceutical waste at hospitals and other health care facilities as part of a larger effort to improve water qualit

Researchers say mercury and other chemicals that were found in Lake Powell have moved downstream and are now being found in fish and aquatic plants in the Grand Canyon.

A new Pentagon report says that climate change is an “urgent and growing threat to our national security” and blames it for “increased natural disasters” that will require more American troops desi

Millions of vacationers escape to national parks each summer to take in the fresh air and scenic vistas.

HONOLULU (AP) - Indigenous Hawaiian bird populations could face new challenges posed by global climate change over the next century, according to researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madiso