This guide was jointly initiated by Stakeholder Forum and the Commonwealth Secretariat in response to the perceived ‘knowledge gap’ on the history and dynamics of global governance for sustainable development.

This paper addresses climate change and slum-based poverty among the challenges of sustainable urbanisation. It asserts that the slums will also be the locations most vulnerable to hazards linked to extreme weather, such as flooding or hurricanes, and thus advocates for hazard mitigation strategies to have a

The Commonwealth Secretariat has published a study titled

Most countries in the Commonwealth are involved in planning urban transportation futures to combat climate change. The proposed technical fixes will have little impact unless urban transportation planners resist the move toward infrastructure development that fixes our future to high energy use and CO2 emissions.

The need for developing countries to address issues of adapting to and mitigating climate change is both urgent and evident, as the impact of climate change grows daily. Yet they have competing immediate development and poverty reduction expenditure demands, and have recently been faced with food, fuel and financial crises.