The Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Policy for Kerala puts forth the concept of 'knowledge commons' and 'commons licence' for traditional knowledge. The policy says that all traditional knowledge, including traditional medicine, must belong to the domain of "knowledge commons" and not to public domain. The system should be introduced through legal arrangements. While community or family custodians will have rights to knowledge that belonged to them, the rest of the traditional knowledge will belong to Kerala State.

Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP) has been launched in Kerala with the assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB) covering 5 major cities in Kerala namely Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kochi, Kozhikode & Thrissur. The 5 cities have been grouped into two packages, namely Package-1

This document provides a framework within which simultaneously conservation and development activities can be achieved with a view to maximize the quality of life for every one in the levels in the State, optimizing the ecological load on the natural systems as well as building up the State

Environmental effects of aerial spraying of Endosulphan at the Cashew plantations of Kasaragod District is a burning issue during the past few years and now also in Kerala. Endosulphan aerial spraying was done in Kasaragod District by Plantation Corporation during the last 24 years.

The Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd (PCK) has been resorting to aerial spraying of the pesticide endosulfan for about 2 decades, 2 to 3 times an year, in 4696 ha of cashew plantation owned by it in Kasaragod district of Kerala for the control of tea-mosquito bug.  From 1979, there have been press reports on health abnormalities in the region adjoining the plantation.

An Act to protect river banks and river beds from large scale dredging of river sand and to protect their biophysical environment system and regulate the removal of river sand and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

An Act to amend the Kerala Land Acquisition Act, 1961. This Act may be called the Kerala Land Acquisition (Amendment) Act, 1966.