The karez system could solve the country's water problems

Where does Afghanistan go from here? Does it have the capacity to utilise the funds? There are too many players, too many interests and too much confusion

Despite marathon wars, Afghan resilience is intact. So is their affiliation to localised independence

Afghanistan, the badland of international politics, faces its toughest challenge: life and peace. Two decades of war, six months of non stop bombing and incessant US efforts to establish a friendly government, make this a bitter dream. One tenth of its po

The awareness of the looming threat of bioweapons has evoked a serious response from all over the world, except India

Over three million people are suffering from a severe food crisis in Afghanistan. With a sheer drop in the purchasing power, a Food and Agricultural Organisation report stated that the drought has


Serious diseases have been reported in remote villages of northern Afghanistan, which were severely damaged by a recent earthquake. The United Nations and Red Cross have evacuated 102 of the most

Nearly 30 people were killed and thousands left homeless when floods broke out in north-western Afghanistan. The banks of two rivers

A powerful earthquake rocked Afghanistan's remote northeastern region early this month, killing 4,000 people. The quake hit Rustaq, a city 280 km north of Kabul. Early reports said that over