Unique coast guard: The Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) is working for the formation of a monitoring and liaison committee to improve the dismal environmental condition in the islands

The government of Afghanistan and the United Nations have launched an emergency appeal to combat drought in the region. According to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, US $71.3

After 24 years of independent humanitarian work Belgium-based M

A collation of statistics on population density, water, sanitation and hygiene for 100 countries throws up disturbing trends

An optimistic note, about wiping out polio from the six afflicted countries, was to be sounded at a conference organised by the World Health Organisation in Geneva on January 15. Instead, the sudden re emergence of the disease in two African nations Ben

This war ravaged country is heading for a disaster

The information technology (IT) revolution has finally reached Afghanistan. The country's first batch of IT students recently graduated from Kabul University with industry-standard certificates in

sop to stay: Populism has prevailed over pragmatism. Bowing to pressure exerted from across the political spectrum, Union finance minister Jaswant Singh has rolled back the proposed hike in prices of

The Afghanistan government and UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) will begin a new training programme for teachers before the new school year begins next month. Four million Afghan children are

The first comprehensive UN survey of Afghanistan's environment brings out the dismal state of affairs in the country. After more than two decades of war and three years of drought, air and water