pakistan floods

Afghanistan is once again under pressure from the us government to implement a controversial counter-narcotics plan for eradication of its poppy fields. As per the us plan, Afghanistan should spray

>> At 2 am on March 11, 2007 (0700 GMT), the US pushed forward the hands on its clocks by an hour. The shift came three weeks earlier than usual. Normally US clocks "spring forward' on the first

gpei began in 1988. The polio eradication programme involved administering multiple doses of the oral polio vaccine to all children in affected areas. The doses were administered in pulses: all children below the age of three in an area were inoculated simultaneously.

Afghanistan's opium harvest this year has reached the highest levels recorded, showing an increase of 49 per cent from last year. The un office on Drugs and Crime (unodc) has described the figures

The Baltic Sea is threatened by a major environmental crisis unless the Russian-German gas pipeline, planned to carry Russian gas to Europe along its seabed, is re-directed to pass overland, said

• China plans to invest US $175 billion (more than 1.5 per cent of its national GDP) towards protecting the environment during its 11 th five-year plan. The money will be spent on water pollution control, improving air quality in cities, disposing of solid waste, harnessing soil erosion and improving rural environment.

flu attacks: Tests have confirmed bird flu cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan, reports the BBC. The virus has been detected in chickens in two farms in north-west Pakistan which have now been sealed

Water deaths: Over 75 people, mostly children, have died after drinking polluted water in the past one-and-a-half months in Pakistan's Sindh province. Another 6,600 have been admitted to various

Another serious administrative crisis has come to the fore in Afghanistan with the resignation of the country's planning minister Ramazan Bashardoost on December 13, 2004, after the government