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The Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), along with the Delhi government and CPCB, has finished drafting the “Comprehensive Action Plan”, which lists out several measures to control air

THANE: The toxic fumes released due to the burning of illegally dumped garbage at Diva and its neighbouring areas has triggered a scare for thousands of families residing in the area as they have b

दिल्ली की सीमा से सटे हरियाणा में स्थापित फैक्ट्री-कारखाने राजधानी की हवा को प्रदूषित कर रहे हैं। औचंदी बार्डर के समीप स्थापित इन कारखानों से निकलने वाला धुआं हवा के रुख के साथ दिल्ली देहात के कई इ

विदेशी पौधे बिगाड़ रहे है पर्यावरण और सेहतविदेशी पौधे बिगाड़ रहे है पर्यावरण और सेहत


Say move to worsen Delhi’s air quality; others say it will meet power demand

Mumbai, touted to have considerably cleaner air than most north Indian cities, has been recording far higher air pollution levels than Delhi for over two weeks now.

Patiala: Having come in the line of fire of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) for failing to enforce an effective plan to cut down stubble burning, which was widely blamed for choking the National

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Survey of Polluted Cities, 14/03/2017. The Central Pollution Control Board monitors the ambient air quality at 680 monitoring stations located in 300 cities / towns covering 29 states and 6 union territories across the country under National Air Quality Monitoring Programme (NAMP). State-wise ambient air quality data including Maharashtra during 2015 is given at Annexure.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Ozone Pollution, 14/03/2017. Government is aware of the news report regarding likely impact of ozone on human health. The data related to ozone, collected by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), for the year 2016 is annexed. The data collected shows that ozone levels have not exceeded the permissible level of 100 μg/m3 at any of the locations during the year 2016. Since the concentration of ozone is less than the permissible limits, the reports published need to be correlated with the data and scrutinized before arriving at any conclusion.