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HYDERABAD: The number of vehicle owners penalized for causing pollution or driving without mandatory Pollution Under Control certificate in 2017 was 32% higher than those penalized the previous yea

Kant said that for the initiative to be a success, Delhi would require the support of its neighbouring states as well.

Noida: Three more fully-automated machines will be installed in Noida over the next six months to monitor air quality in the two cities. This will take the total number of machines to six.

If you have a low-cost air quality monitor at home, you can now be part of a large pollution study to understand its dynamics in the capital.

According to the study, the air quality recorded for Srinagar city in the Kashmir valley, which is relatively surrounded by pollution-free environment, was found to start declining from the month o

One of Germany’s top courts will rule next week on whether heavily polluting vehicles can be banned from the urban centres of Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, a landmark ruling which could cause traffic c

BENGALURU: A day after the release of a report on the city’s air quality by Co-media lab and Climate Trends which highlighted shocking levels of air pollution in the city, the Karnataka State Pollu

Officials asserted that Mumbai roads need to be pothole-free to prevent accumulation of dust and also prevent traffic congestion .

A study conducted by the School of Energy, Madurai Kamaraj University, found that household appliances also contribute to greenhouses gases, and indoor plants can help to tackle the problem, say ex

BENGALURU: Air quality in 11 cities and towns in Karnataka has been deteriorating, thanks to the increasing number of vehicles and unscientific waste management.