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Temporal variations in aerosol optical properties were investigated at a coastal station in Hong Kong based on the field observation from February 2012 to February 2015. At 550 nm, the average light-scattering (151 ± 100 Mm−1) and absorption coefficients (8.3 ± 6.1 Mm−1) were lower than most of other rural sites in eastern China, while the single-scattering albedo (SSA  =  0.93 ± 0.05) was relatively higher compared with other rural sites in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.

The Delhi government is in the process of roping in international companies that have expertise in the field of mechanical sweeping of roads.

KOLKATA: A climate-sensitive Scania future bus that has almost zero-emission while travelling long distances with its AC on was flagged off in the city on Tuesday.

NEW DELHI: Lieutenant governor Anil Baijal on Tuesday in a meeting on controlling air pollution in the capital discussed the amendment of the Central Motor Vehicle (CMV) rules to introduce a policy

Toxicity rising in top gear: CSE report finds shocking pitfalls in car emission testing

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Court on its own Motion Vs. State of Karnataka dated 20/02/2017 regarding environmental disaster that had taken place at Bellandur Lake in Bangalore. From the photographs and the clippings displayed on the Television, it had been shown that the entire lake was on fire, emitting highly pollutant gases.

National Green Tribunal issues Suo-Moto issue Notice to the following:

1. State of Karnataka

2. Lake Authority of Bangalore

3. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

हरियाणा और पंजाब ने एक बार फिर से दिल्ली एनसीआर में वायु प्रदूषण को लेकर अपने ऊपर लग रहे आरोपों को सिरे से नकार दिया है। दूध का दूध और पानी का पानी करने के लिए इस बार दोनों राज्यों के मुख्य सचिवों

Garbage set on fire as heavy smoke billows causing air pollution in New Delhi.

Women living in Indian cities may inhale 10 times more pollution than those living in rural areas of developed nations.

GURUGRAM: Traffic congestion, delayed construction projects and the defunct Bandhwari waste treatment plant are responsible for rising pollution in Gurgaon, according to the Central Pollution Contr