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The State has received 156.6 mm rainfall in last 24 hrs, the Indian Meteorological department officials said today.
The officials said that the seasonal total so far has been 235.1 mm.

A total of six Automatic Climate Centre (ACC) units of the Indian Space Reseach Organisation (ISRO) have been installed at various place in the district. ISRO has plans to install 15 ACCs in the district to provide climatic information to coffee growers.

June 7: The finance department spiked the agriculture minister, Mr N. Raghuveera Reddy

June 3: The wild plant, Mungari Molaka, has blossomed with 21 flowers this season. The rare occurrence presages a strong monsoon, according to some botanists.

The knowledge of the surface temperature is important to a range of issues and themese in earth sciences central to urban climatology, global environmental change and human-environment interactions.

MUMBAI: This monsoon, Mumbaikars might get early warnings of heavy-rain days or passing cyclones, with the meteorological bureau networking with HAM operators in the city.

"Whenever disasters have struck in the past, communication has been one of the major casualties,'' said Sudhir Shah, a HAM operator.

Mumbai The current hot and sultry weather of Mumbai is here to stay, at least for a while, with no monsoon activity at sight on the western coast, the India Meteorology Department (IMD) said on Sunday.

The maximum temperature in Mumbai hovered around 35.5


Central, northern India have a new date with the rains april, May and early June may be the future monsoon months of north and central India. As of now, the official date for the beginning of monsoons is June 29. But there has been a clear increase in rainfall in the months preceding June. This is because the atmosphere in north India is warming at a rate much faster than the rest of

The magnetosphere, long seen as our benign protector from the sun, may actually be focusing energy into the poles and aiding atmospheric loss.