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On Saturday, the India Meteorological Department declared that the monsoon had set in over Kerala more than a week ahead of its usual date. An early start to the rainy season will be especially welcome in this southern State where last year

Mumbai The south-west monsoon has advanced to South Karnataka touching Mangalore on Monday, the India Meteorological Department announced.

With the southwest monsoon setting in more than a week before the normal schedule, farmers and others have much to cheer about.

K.G. Kumar

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Surinder Sud / New Delhi May 21, 2009, 0:29 IST

The monsoon has set in over the entire Andaman Sea and part of south Bay of Bengal, the first entry point to Indian territorial waters, right on schedule today.

It is likely to advance towards the Indian mainland and hit the Kerala coast and adjoining areas of the south peninsula by May 25, ahead of the normal arrival date of June 1.

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AHMEDABAD: Scorching, sultry afternoons may soon give way to thundershowers and welcome drizzle as weather officials expect pre-monsoon activity to begin in a week's time.

The city has been witnessing high humidity which was recorded at 70% on Monday morning. Weather officials said this is due to the south-westerly current which leads to more moisture in the environment.

MUMBAI: Burdened by expectations of an error-free forecast now that the Doppler radar has arrived, the Met department on Tuesday issued a disclaimer about the much-hyped prowess of the instrument to give accurate and timely forecasts.

Southwest monsoon (SWM) controls the majority of the agricultural activities in Tamil Nadu (TN), though the amount of rainfall received due to this is relatively less. The nature and behaviour of water vapour over TN reveal the other dynamic processes that are in operation during this period of the year.