Deforestation is a leading cause of climate change

With companies cutting production globally, carbon emissions are down, and so is the demand for certified emission reductions (CERs) or carbon credits. This has led to the price of carbon credits crashing from E25 in September to E15 last week.

Carbon or greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets have long been promoted as an important element of a comprehensive climate policy approach. Offset programs can reduce the overall cost of achieving a given emission goal by enabling emission reductions to occur where costs are lower.

Carbon offset programs require the application of rigorous quantifi cation, verifi cation, and enforcement criteria in order to ensure that the integrity of greenhouse gas (GHG) caps is not compromised. Some types of climate change mitigation activities

REDD is designed to reward those who deforest, not those who
already protect the forests. It also has several significant inbuilt flaws that mean it is most unlikely to have a positive impact on climate change. In particular, it permits the replacement of natural tropical forest with plantations; and it would increase net emissions of carbon to the atmosphere if carbon offsetting were involved.

This document analyzes the implications for land tenure and land policy of climate change.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is supposed to catalyze climate-friendly projects in low-income countries by allowing developers to generate revenue by selling

A study of four leading forestry project standards from the voluntary carbon market reveals significant differences in approach, making the choice of which standard to use vital for both project developers and future credit buyers.

A new survey from EcoSecurities and ClimateBiz released recently shows how large, multinational corporations are addressing their carbon footprints from within, and what strategies they're using to offset the emissions they can't avoid.

This brief presents the key issues and identifies options for the incorporation of greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets into emerging U.S. climate change policy. A GHG offset represents a reduction, avoidance, destruction, or sequestration of GHG emissions from a source not covered by an emission reduction requirement.